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1 April 2020


To Whom It May Concern:


This letter serves as a reference for Marais Button & Associates. The company was contracted by the Board of Climate Action Network International in 2019 to find a new executive director.


The company supported the Board by reviewing the documents prepared for the recruitment – terms of reference, advertisement. They received all the applications, screened them and provided us with a short-list.


Thereafter they supported the Board by setting up the interviews with the short-listed candidates, reviewing the questions drafted and supporting the candidates through the process.


Annelie Marais was the person who supported the Board on this project. She was at all times available, professional, was well informed about our needs and was able to guide the recruitment process in a manner that ensured a successful outcome.


We were very satisfied by the service provided by Marais Button and by Annelie Marais in particular. We would definitely consider Marais Button should we need recruitment services in the future. I would also highly recommend the company to other organisations.


Yours sincerely,


Mandy Jean Woods Co-Chair 2019, 2020

Climate Action Network International