We have recruited and headhunted at junior to executive levels for NGOs and the international development sector for over 27 years. We have an extensive understanding of this sector and we are passionate about it. We maintain a large database of development professionals, ranging from junior to senior/executive-level candidates. We also assist organisations with temporary staff and offer a range of other development-related consultancy services.

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Again thank you really doesn't feel enough but I am really so grateful again for your belief in me...I am really just beyond thankful and grateful for your confidence in me.


From our first conversation to our last, it was always encouraging me and challenging me in every way. I dont know a thing about you but I know how much you believe in young people and that they all deserve a chance at least an opportunity or just a crack at something they feel they can do. 

I thank you that I got to see that same belief in you in me, I will never forget that and that is the biggest compliment I could ever give anyone sincerely.  Your grit and tenacity to want to get me in Fairtrade Africa I ll never forget :).


I pray nothing but the best for Marais & Button Associates and I am so grateful to you and your company, for your guidance, direction and involvement in the entire process of this job application.

Chirstone Hornsby

Good morning Rudayba🤗 I just wanted to thank you once again for making my 2nd chance possible.Sincere and very appreciative Thank You.I am settling in nicely and I experience a sense of belong at the organisation.The people are amazing and have been nothing but all Good to me.I am forever in your debt and know that you have changed someone's life. ...yet again.I Thank you 🤗

Neil Buis.



Reading for MPhil in Human Rights Law at University of Cape Town

August 2, 2019, Annelie was a client of Lorna’s

Annelie has that special quality that excellent recruiters have, a capacity to match people well to the available position. She is always professional, friendly and understanding. She does not work to land the deal rather works in service of a well functioning organisation.

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