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MaraisButton & Associates has recruited and headhunted at junior to executive levels for NGOs on the African continent for over 29 years. Our team of highly experienced Recruiters and Associates have extensive experience in delivering quality recruitment services to this highly specialized sector. MaraisButton & Associates maintains an impressive and large database of development professionals, allowing us to source the very best of talent for our clients.We assist organisations with temporary staff and offer a range of other development-related consultancy services.

We are committed to our clients every step of the way and we understand the importance of cultural fit and making it a priority to our clients and candidates.

At MaraisButton & Assoc., we believe that the safeguarding of our clients’ and candidates' personal information is of paramount importance. To this end, we have various measures in place to ensure that our data policies and procedures are reflective of our clients’ and candidates' best interests and aligned with industry best practices. There are, however, various regulatory requirements that we also need to adhere to, one of which is the Protection of Personal Information Act (also referred to as POPIA), which has come into effect from 1 July 2021. There is no action required from you once POPIA comes into effect. In conclusion, we would like to assure you that we will continue treating your personal information with the utmost care and integrity.



FINALLY we have what the NGO sector has been waiting for...........thank you Ruen Govender for making this (way overdue) dream a reality.
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